Frequently Asked Questions

 01  Why and How do Naturopathic Doctors Focus on Prevention

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 02  Naturopathic Medicine FAQs: A Service for Consumers

Several of your questions about Naturopathic Medicine are answered on this page.  Our training, how we work, how we address certain conditions, our collaboration with other types of medical professionals, how we help lower health care costs, and more! and Licensed



 03  Do you take insurance?

Only cash, credit cards, and health savings account cards are accepted.




 04  Do you do colonics or colon hydrotherapy?

I teach my clients how to do a different type of hydrotherapy involving the use of hot and cold water applications to the body.

 05  Do you do nutritional IVs?

No.  Nor is this usually needed for the niches I focus on.

 06  Do you work with children?

Yes, I work with all ages.


Dr. Miles holds her license as a Naturopathic Physician in the state of Arizona.  Texas currently does not license Naturopathic doctors. Naturopathic doctors in this state are not currently recognized as Medical doctors and are not Doctors of Osteopathy, nor do they offer medical advice or prescribe medications. They can operate as Natural Health consultants.