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Telehealth vs In-person --> Gaining understanding and comfort:

Dr. Miles uses a private HIPAA compliant video platform for consultations.  She helps you to improve your health without hands-on or invasive therapies.  She has been trained to know when to refer you to a specialist for certain analyses, tests and procedures if necessary, and can collaborate with your physician.  This is why she determines what a new client is seeking help with prior to their first appointment.  Through this approach, Dr. Miles has helped clients improve their digestion, mood and energy, normalize blood pressure and blood sugar, reduce chronic pain, recover from low adrenal function, improve sleep, balance hormones, eliminate kidney stone formation, as well as stabilize and improve kidney function. 


Please complete the following form(s) and fax them to 888-977-1809 at least 3 days prior to your initial visit.

What to expect on your first visit:

Dr. Miles will go through the Client Intake form in-depth with you.  Towards the end, she will create a strategy to help you achieve your goals.  This can include testing, lifestyle changes, herbs, homeopathy, nutrients, and referrals to other practitioners that will be synergistic in your healing. 


The Difference:

Expect shorter waiting times and more time with the doctor.  More time means we can better assess the root causes and current factors that contribute to where you are now, and target what is needed to help you reach a higher state of health.

What to expect in follow up visits:

This will be a time of evaluating how the initial strategy is being carried out, if it is working, what needs to be changed, how Dr. Miles can help you to implement it better if necessary, and motivation to keep going.

National and International clients:

Dr. Miles conducts telehealth consultations globally.  She accommodates different time zones​ and works with a variety of companies to provide you the products you need to achieve your health goals.  You are more than welcome to have an English translator join you during your appointment.  So whether you reside in a different state, live in another country, or are a global expat perhaps working for a US embassy or international corporation, Dr. Miles is here to assist you.

Inclusion Statement:

It's Time Natural Health welcomes all clients regardless of race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status. Expect to be treated with kindness, care and respect.

Expectations and The Difference

Dr. Miles holds her license as a Naturopathic Physician in the state of Arizona.  Texas currently does not license Naturopathic doctors. Naturopathic doctors in this state are not currently recognized as Medical doctors and are not Doctors of Osteopathy, nor do they offer medical advice or prescribe medications. They can operate as Natural Health consultants.